Rob Bowen

Rob Bowen launched a career in interior design at the precocious age of six, astonishing his parents by continually redecorating his bedroom and going on to propose design ideas for the entire family home throughout his school years.

Recipient of the Florida Home Builders Association’s prestigious Grand Aurora Award and first two-time winner of the Designer of Distinction Award from the Miromar Design Center, Rob’s work has been featured in the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Bay Magazine, Bay Pop Magazine, Tampa Bay Illustrated, and ABC TV’s Day Time Show.

Rob is a dedicated world traveler and studier of international design, culture and trends, Rob’s eclectic palette reveals influences from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, and from edgy modernism to timeless classicism to forward-thinking sustainability.

An intensely process-oriented designer, Rob takes due diligence to a new dimension by taking the time to truly listen and understand each client’s vision, lifestyle and feelings about what will make their house or office feel like home.

Described by those who’ve worked with him as exceptionally gifted, intuitive, artistic, sophisticated, collaborative, positive and generous, each client becomes a friend and every project an indelible expression of a new friend’s personal point of view.

[blockquote client_name=” Rob Bowen “]At the end of the day, I want that environment to serve as a daily source of inspiration,” says Bowen of his clients. “It really is all about them – the way they want to live, their desires, their goals. I just help them get there, and together, the journey becomes a joy along the way. [/blockquote]


[blockquote client_name=” Trevor Burgess, CEO C1 Bank, Southwest Florida “]Rob has a way of getting you to step outside your comfort zone with absolute confidence in the end result.  He has proved a remarkably gifted collaborator for both my business and my home. If he’ll have you, I can’t recommend him highly enough.[/blockquote]


[blockquote client_name=”Lynne & Chuck Stamey, LEED Platinum Certified Home, Snell Isle, St. Petersburg, Florida”]He’s got this rare combination of design chops and people skills that enables him to pull the whole process together seamlessly. From the architects to the contractors to sourcing these hard-to-find green materials we required, he orchestrated an incredible outcome for us. And now that it’s done, we really miss him![/blockquote]


[blockquote client_name=”Robert Glaser, President & CEO Smith & Associates Real Estate, Tampa Bay, Florida “]Rob’s work has earned the respect of some of our most demanding, high-end clients. He’s becoming the go-to guy for the area’s top board rooms and penthouses alike.[/blockquote]